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Use Your Own API Keys

You can use ZeroDev with your own Web3Auth crendentials.

import { ZeroDevWeb3AuthOptions } from '@zerodev/web3auth'

const zeroDevWeb3AuthOptions: ZeroDevWeb3AuthOptions = {
adapterSettings: {
network: 'testnet'
web3authOptions: {
clientId: '<your-web3auth-client-id>'
const connector = new GoogleSocialWalletConnector({options: {
projectId: defaultProjectId,

Get User Info

Once a user is logged in, you can retrieve their information via:

import { ZeroDevWeb3Auth } from '@zerodevapp/web3auth';
const zeroDevWeb3Auth = ZeroDevWeb3Auth.getInstance(['<project-id>']);
const userInfo = await zeroDevWeb3Auth.getUserInfo();