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Activating the autoConnect option for Wagmi requires activating the shimDisconnect option on the connector:

const connector = new GoogleSocialWalletConnector({options: {
projectId: defaultProjectId,
shimDisconnect: true

Chain Switching

Using ZeroDev with multiple chains requires providing multiple projectIds via the projectIds option. Additionally, supplying the chains within the connector is required for chain switching.

import { polygonMumbai, goerli } from 'wagmi/chains'

const { chains, publicClient, webSocketPublicClient } = configureChains(
[polygonMumbai, goerli],

const socialConnector = new GoogleWalletConnector({
+ chains,
options: {
- projectId: '<project-id>',
+ projectIds: ['<project-id-1>', '<project-id-2>'],
Full Code (Editable)

Using the ECDSAProvider

Sometimes you may want to use the ECDSAProvider object we created. We added a custom hook to get the provider object from wagmi.

import { useEcdsaProvider } from '@zerodev/wagmi';

const ecdsaProvider = useEcdsaProvider();

// Get the address with the ECDSAProvider
const address = await ecdsaProvider.getAddress();

// Send a userop with the ECDSAProvider
const { hash } = await ecdsaProvider.sendUserOperation({
target: contractAddress,
data: functionData,
value: value,

// If you want to wait for the UserOp to complete
await ecdsaProvider.waitForUserOperationTransaction(hash)