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Supported Bundlers

In ERC-4337, UserOps are relayed by servers known as "bundlers," and their gas can paid for by "paymasters."

ZeroDev uses a unique "meta infrastructure" -- we work with various bundler/paymaster providers and shard the traffic between them. When you use a ZeroDev, you can specify the provider you'd like to use (if you don't, we just pick a default one for you).

We currently support the following providers (in alphabetical order):

  • Alchemy
  • Gelato
  • Pimlico
  • StackUp

Since AA is a new technology, it's not uncommon to run into stability issues with the underlying provider. If you do, you can simply switch to another provider with our SDK.

To specify a provider, use the bundlerProvider flag when you initialize the SDK:

const ecdsaProvider = await ECDSAProvider.init({
// ...other options
opts: {
// this can be "ALCHEMY", "GELATO", "PIMLICO", "STACKUP"
bundlerProvider: "PROVIDER_NAME",