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ZeroDev supports many ways to create AA wallets, but which one is right for your project?

Here is a set of questions you can ask to figure out the right approach for you:


ZeroDev wallets can be used through two interfaces:

  • Ethers.js: you can access a ZeroDev wallet as an instance of ZeroDevSigner, which is compatible with Ethers' Signer interface. As a result, you can use the signer just like a regular Ethers signer (e.g. to sign messages and send transactions), but it also exposes additional AA functions which are detailed in Use AA Wallets.

  • Wagmi: you can create ZeroDev wallets through Wagmi connectors, and access the wallet through Wagmi hooks like useSigner as well as our custom AA hooks like useContractBatchWrite.

Each of the following sections will document both the Ethers and the Wagmi API.