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Particle Network

Particle Network is an intent-centric, modular wallet-as-a-service (WaaS). By utilizing MPC-TSS for key management, Particle can streamline onboarding via familiar Web2 methods such as Google, emails, and phone numbers.

By combining ZeroDev with Particle, you can use Particle to enable a smooth social login experience, while using ZeroDev as the smart wallet to sponsor gas for users, batch transactions, and more.


To use Particle with ZeroDev, use both their provider SDK and their auth SDK:

import { ECDSAProvider, getRPCProviderOwner } from "@zerodev/sdk";
import { ParticleNetwork } from "@particle-network/auth";
import { ParticleProvider } from "@particle-network/provider";

const particle = new ParticleNetwork({
projectId: "xx",
clientKey: "xx",
appId: "xx",
// Optionally, other configuration...

let ecdsaProvider = await ECDSAProvider.init({
projectId, // zeroDev projectId
owner: getRPCProviderOwner(new ParticleProvider(particle.auth)),